Dog owners warned after woman’s pet dies ‘in excruciating pain’ from Alabama Rot

A dog died in ‘excruciating pain’ from Alabama Rot after going for a walk, sparking a warning to pet owners about the deadly disease.

Sarah Pateman is urging owners to look out for skin lesions or open wounds after her friend Deborah Waldock’s pet died after she walked her dogs through Bencroft Wood Park in Broxbourne.

Deborah’s dog Darby became unwell and was rushed to the vets on Saturday, June 16, the Hertfordshire Mercury reports .

Darby died four days later and her other dog Poppy is currently undergoing treatment at the vet for the same disease.

Sarah, who runs a Border Terrier walking group with over 400 members, said: "My friend’s bitch was five years old when she got a legion that was as small as a finger nail on one of her paws.

"She kept being sick and was really, really unwell and she ended up getting kidney failure.

"No-one has confirmed exactly what causes this but what we have been told is to look out for skin lesions or open wounds because it can get into the blood stream this way.

"Within 24 hours dogs take a turn for the worse and once they get kidney failure it starts to affect other organs.

"Very quickly the dog gets depressed and is in excrutiating pain and there is no going back, they have to put the dog to sleep."

The cause of Alabama Rot (or dog’s black death) is unknown and affects all breeds.

If not spotted early on, Alabama Rot can lead to potential fatal kidney failure, with 80 per cent of all cases leading to death as by the time it is diagnosed, it is often too late.

So far, a number of deaths have been reported across the UK.

"The vet told my friend to check her other dogs and they discovered her other dog Poppy had it too. She is only a year old and she is the daughter of my dog.

"Now she’s in the vets having treatment but she’s very ill it’s absolutely awful," Sarah continued.

"I just wanted to inform all other dog owners and make them aware of where these dogs got ill.

"We think we definitely caught it from Bencroft Wood Park near White Stubbs Lane in Broxbourne.

"The advice is to check your dog from lesions anywhere on their skin and wash it with a solution. If you do find a lesion you must go to your vets immediately because the sooner it’s caught the more chance of survival.

"Just until now, I couldn’t talk about it. My friend is in bits as they are part of the family.

"She was the most kind, sweet, loving dog, it is terrible. We’re all heartbroken."

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