Dog’s funny reaction at owner taking him for a walk in the rain goes viral

A golden retriever has gone viral for his apparently grumpy look to his owners as it started raining on the walk.

Fluffy boy Kona, from St Petersburg in Florida, US, appeared to be less than happy when owners Ally Wilkins and Ryan Oltz took him for a walk in the downtown area on a rainy day.

In the clip viewed more than 1.3 million times, the pooch refuses to move while standing on the street in the heavy downpours.

Kona squints his eyes and stares at them with an unimpressed look.

Posted to TikTok page @goldenboy_kona, the video was captioned: "Hek, we really got to do this?" And hundreds of people joked the dog did look rather unhappy at the situation he had found himself in.

But Ally later admitted Kona actually "loves" the rain, adding: "This was the only time he was standing still."

One viewer commented: "This video made my extremely happy!"

Another dog owner wrote: "Is this a golden retriever thing? Mine does the same thing for no apparent reason. He just stops, he drives me crazy but I love him."

Some asked the owners to put on rain gear for Kona and one shared their experience, adding: "My dude does not walk in the rain without his raincoat.

"He hates it but he hates the rain more."

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