Dolphin faceplants paddle boarder sending him flying through air

This is the hilarious moment an over-zealous dolphin faceplants a paddle boarder.

The video begins with a beautiful, calming shot of dolphins enjoying their natural habitat in the wild in Sydney, Australia, jumping across the waves.

Then, an enormous wave looms over the water, carrying around six dolphins with it – apparently trying to surf together for fun.

But at that exact moment, a man at the edge of the sea is getting ready to ride the wave with his paddleboard.

Things, however, do not exactly go to plan.

As he starts to tread the water with his oar, he suddenly spots the animals hurtling towards him.

Unfortunately, he does not have enough time to get out of the way.

At that moment, one of the dolphins spins out of the water crashes straight into him.

The dolphin, however, comes out pretty unscathed – but it’s a different story for the paddleboarder.

The force of the blow knocked him straight off his paddleboard and sent him flying into the air.

Luckily, he lands straight back into the sea and does not seem injured by what happened.

"Whoa!" the man filming exclaims, clearly in shock.

Undeterred, the paddleboarder manages to find his feet and climbs straight back on.

Pretty impressive…

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