Dolphin joins humans as they surf

If these pictures are anything to go by, we have proof that dolphins and humans can peacefully co-exist.

They show the moment that a surfer had a close encounter with a dolphin that wanted a piece of the action.

Dave Weldon, 63, caught the moment the surfer was almost hit by one of the aquatic mammals.

He spotted what was happening from near his home in El Porto, Manhattan Beach, California.

He said: ‘It all happened so fast – I had just finished photographing a surfer to my left when out of the corner of my eye something caught my attention over to my right.

‘As quickly as I could swing around my camera I barely realised what I was about to focus-lock onto before I fired-off a burst of shots capturing the dolphin and surfer’s encounter.

‘The two dolphins were heading south a few dozen metres in front of the surfer.

‘Seeing the dolphins, the surfer stuck-up his arms in sort of a “surfer’s greeting” when all of a sudden one dolphin caught sight of the surfer, turned towards the surfer, sped-up and went into a jump while rolling onto its left side – appearing to want to get a better look at the surfer as it dove back into the water just a few meters in front of the surfer.’

Dolphins have previously been spotted off the coast of Cornwall.

In April 2017 a 15-strong pod joined surfers in Sennen Cove and gave them a masterclass in the sport.

Malcolm Barradell said at the time: ‘A friend bought me a pasty and I sat down to eat it and the next thing I knew I was watching these dolphins.

‘They were literally surfing with people. One guy said he saw a dolphin cut under his board. It was just amazing.’

The pod of 15 common dolphins were seen on April 7. Common dolphins are one of four species regular seen around the Cornish coast.

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