Don Jr mocks Jimmy Kimmel & Hunter Biden interview asking 'how much Parmesan cheese did they smoke' in drug punch

DONALD Trump Jr. has mocked Hunter Biden after his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night asking “how much Parmesan cheese did they smoke” before the interview. 

Biden revealed in his new memoir that he ended up smoking the dairy product while hunting for crack cocaine in his carpet during a dark moment in his drug addiction. 

Trump Jr, 43, had posted numerous memes of the first son as the story hit headlines earlier this week. 

He continued the war of words with Biden on Twitter on Friday after the first son took a swipe at him during his Kimmel appearance. 

“How much Parmesan cheese did Hunter and Jimmy smoke together before this interview?” Trump Jr asked as he shared a video of the pair discussing him.

Biden, 51, had been on the show promoting his autobiography Beautiful Things in which he reveals the sordid details of his drug abuse and controversial love life.

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Kimmel asked Biden whether it drove him “crazy” to “hear someone like Donald Trump Jr." claim that there is a double standard for accountability between them.

Trump Jr. has repeatedly argued that he would face criminal liability if he engaged in the same business as Biden. 

 “It is wildly comical, that’s putting it lightly,” Biden told Kimmel of the claim. 

He added that he has “learned” to not “spend too much time thinking about them.”

“I do, I think about it all the time,” Kimmel answered. 

Kimmel asked if he and Trump Jr. ever met to which Biden said: “Not that I know of, but I’ve been in some pretty rough places.”

Earlier in the show, Kimmel had introduced Biden as the “probably the most famous board member of a Ukrainian energy company of all time.”

In his opening monologue, Kimmel also joked, “You know how Donald Trump was always asking where Hunter is?” 

“Well, he’s here in our building. He’s been here the whole time, it turns out,” he added. 

Kimmel told Biden that after reading his new book “I’m impressed that you are alive.”

“Yeah, it was a journey, but thank God I made it through,” Biden told him. 

“I hope that wasn’t the message that you took from the book. It’s not a how-to, it’s a please-don’t manual.”

Trump Jr was unimpressed with Kimmel and Biden after the interview, taking to Twitter on Friday morning to blast both the host and first son on their own controversial actions. 

He retweeted pictures of Kimmel in black face and Biden asleep in bed with a crack pipe in his mouth, as well as claims that the “left falsely accused Doanld Trump Jr. of everything they could possibly conjure up and dragged him for years.”

The former first son also shared newly published images that show Biden’s worn down teeth before he had veneers and him posing with scantily-clad women.

“Typical liberal privilege, Joe Biden wants to crush American’s freedoms with draconian gun laws so they can’t defend themselves but when Hunter breaks the rules already in place nothing happens,” he wrote. 

“Joe, I know you & the media treat him like a 51 year old toddler but start there.”

He also retweeted references to Biden’s laptop which became the center of a scandal in the lead-up to the election after the New York Post published a cache of emails that appeared to show Hunter using his father’s stature to further his own business interests. 

Joe Biden called the leak of emails "a bunch of garbage.”

The younger Biden also spoke on the laptop with Kimmel on Thursday. 

He said that he could not recall what happened to the Macbook Pro or if it was left in a Delaware repair shop as reported, but blasted the story as a “red herring.”

“Now look, I really don’t know and the fact of the matter is, it’s a red herring,” Biden said. 

“It is absolutely a red herring. But I am absolutely, I think, within my rights to question anything that comes from the desk of Rudy Giuliani. 

“And so, ‘I don’t know’ is the answer.”

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