Donald Trump CRASHES couple's engagement celebration in his golf gear as he poses with the 'good-looking' pair

DONALD Trump crashed a couple's engagement photo shoot in his golf gear as he posed with the "good looking pair."

The couple was taking photos at Mar-A-Lago, the former president's Palm Beach, Florida, resort, earlier this week.

Trump and former First Lady Melania moved into the resort after leaving the White House in January.

Brian Schottenstein, the groom to-be, posted a video of the "fun day" at Mar-A-Lago to Twitter.

"Our friend @POTUS45 came in for a couple [photos] too," the caption said.

The POTUS 45 Twitter account features an archive of all of the former president's tweets before he was permanently banned from the platform following the Capitol riots on January 6.

In the brief clip Schottenstein posted, Trump can be heard off camera paying some compliments to the couple as they snap photos.

The bride-to-be then asks the former president if they can get some photos with him.

Trump, decked out in his golf gear, obliges and stands next the the couple, giving a big thumbs up for a few snaps.

This is not the first time Trump has made a cameo in a couple's wedding photos.

He was also seen snapping photos with a new bride at his Virginia golf course shortly after news broke that he had lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden in November.

Video taken at the time shows Trump snapping photos with the bride who was getting married at his Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, as well as bridesmaids.

After he posed for the photos, crowds, presumably of wedding guests, could be heard yelling, "We love you!"

The crowd began to cheer and clap as Trump walked away.

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