Donald Trump Jr. Misspelled Mollie Tibbetts’ Name In Tweet Blasting Liberal Response To Her Death

Twitter blasted him instead.

Donald Trump Jr. had quite a day yesterday.

The junior Trump has a penchant for tweeting out inconsiderate, sometimes ill thought-of comments, on the micro-blogging site. It often invites the ridicule of Twitter users who pan him instead, but that hasn’t stopped Trump Jr. from tweeting his mind.

The right-wing media has lapped up the death of Mollie Tibbetts, the 20-year-old sophomore from the University of Iowa — reportedly killed by an undocumented immigrant — as an example of the ills that befall American society because of its liberal policies on immigration. On Saturday, Trump Jr. joined forces by tweeting out a comment blasting the liberal response to Mollie Tibbetts’ death.

Responding to a tweet by Symone Sanders, who was the national press secretary for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Trump Jr. wrote that Mollie’s death didn’t have anything to do with “toxic masculinity,” as pointed out by Sanders. But in the tweet blasting the response, Trump Jr. misspelled Tibbetts’ name, using the hashtag #MollieTibbits.

“This is what happens when moronic Politically Correct culture is allowed to rule over common sense and rational thinking. Truly one of the dumbest takes on a terrible tragedy I’ve ever seen. #mollietibbits”

While Trump Jr. was quick to call out Sanders’ “dumb” response as being symptomatic of a “moronic” political culture, he was completely in the dark about his own error of having not having spelled Tibbetts’ name correctly, as reported by Newsweek.

Not surprisingly, Trump Jr. was mocked for his tweet, with several Twitter users including celebrities blasting him for politicizing the issue. British actor Tom Payne was one of the first to take his case, saying Trump Jr.’s tweet would actually mean something if he could use the correct spelling of Tibbetts’ name.

“Your tweet might be stronger if you SPELT HER NAME RIGHT,” Payne tweeted on the thread. “#DonaldGumpJr.”

Other Twitter users were quick to blast the junior Trump as well.

“If you really cared, you’d take time to make sure you spelled her name correctly,” one commenter wrote. “Quit politicizing this young woman’s death. Have some class and think of her family, not of trying to score political attaboys. #likefatherlikeson.”

Earlier in a post on Instagram, the first Trump son had spelled Mollie’s name correctly while bashing Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, but even on that occasion, he had misquoted Warren.

Trump Jr.’s twitter gaffes are not new. He has previously posted factually incorrect graphics and even spelled America wrongly on one occasion, spelling it “Amreica.”

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