Donald Trump rants about impeachment for 53 minutes in awkward Fox News chat

Donald Trump refused to stop ranting and raving during a 53-minute interview with Fox & Friends where demanded his own impeachment trial.

Trump repeatedly interrupted the morning show hosts Ainsley Earhardt, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade – whose frustration was visible – after the president called in to discuss this week’s impeachment hearings.

‘Frankly, I want a trial. You know, I think I could have it – to be – whatever I want,’ the president said.

Kilmeade, who seems taken aback by the comment asks, ‘You want a trial?’

Trump fires back: ‘Oh I would – look, number one, they should never ever impeach.’

The president is referring to a Senate Impeachment trial, which is the next step if the House of Representatives votes to impeach Trump. A vote of impeachment does not remove the president from office, but a two-thirds vote from the Senate does.

Democrats currently control the House of Representatives so they could vote to impeach Trump without any Republican support, which is what many expect to happen.

However, the Republicans control the Senate and can choose not to hold a trial, even if the House impeaches Trump, making it unlikely that Trump will be removed from office.

Trump proceeded to attack his political rivals, especially his female rivals, during the rambling interview with Fox, which Trump has said is one of his favorite news and TV programs.

He called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ‘paralyzed’ and ‘crazy as a bed bug,’ then seemed to stop himself just before he insulted former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, who testified at the impeachment hearings on November 15.

‘The ambassador, the woman, she wouldn’t even put up my picture in the embassy. She’s an Obama person. She’s a woman. We have to be nice,’ the president said.

Throughout the first half of the interview, Trump also attacked Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who Trump accused of being involved in corrupt business dealings in Ukraine and China.

He then focused on Chair of Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff, who Trump repeatedly called ‘shifty’ and ‘a nut job,’ before saying: ‘and one more thing, before I get off (the phone call).’

‘Oh we’re not getting off,’ Kilmeade said, as he and his co-hosts grinned.

‘Oh yeah, I know, we can keep this going all day, it’s easy,’ Trump said.

And he did keep it going – for more than half an hour filled with insults, conspiracies, and vague proclamations.

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