Donald Trump says London Mayor Sadiq Khan 'has done a terrible job on terror'

The Labour heavyweight has “done a very bad job on terrorism” by allowing so many migrants to come to the city, the President controversially argues.

The incendiary remarks are the most vicious in the White House boss’s long-running feud with London’s first Muslim mayor.

It began more than two years ago during Trump’s US presidential election campaign when Mr Khan attacked his vow to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering America.

Deepening the duo’s bitter war of words again, Mr Trump told The Sun in an exclusive interview ahead of his arrival in Britain: “I think allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad.

“I look at cities in Europe, and I can be specific if you’d like. You have a mayor who has done a terrible job in London. He has done a terrible job.

“Take a look at the terrorism that is taking place. Look at what is going on in London. I think he has done a very bad job on terrorism.

“I think he has done a bad job on crime, if you look, all of the horrible things going on there, with all of the crime that is being brought in.”

London was hit by four terror attacks last year — in Westminster, London Bridge, Parsons Green Tube station and a Finsbury Park mosque.

Speaking to The Sun inside the US Embassy in Brussels, the US President also revealed he thinks Mr Khan has shown a lack of respect to America by attacking him personally.

Mr Trump added: “I think he has not been hospitable to a government that is very important. Now he might not like the current President, but I represent the United States.

“I also represent a lot of people in Europe because a lot of people from Europe are in the United States.”

Mr Trump also clashed with Mr Khan after last June’s van and knife rampage on London Bridge and Borough Market — mocking the mayor for his appeal to Londoners to stay calm.

The President tweeted: “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’”

Mr Khan described the tweet as “ill-informed”.

A source close to Mr Khan tonight pointed out that the Home Office is in charge of immigration policy for London and the whole country and not those in City Hall.

Meanwhile, a Tory MP faced calls to be suspended today after being accused of Islamophobia over a picture he tweeted of Mr Khan.

Michael Fabricant posted an image with the London Mayor’s head on an inflatable pig that is being mounted by a second pig along with Mr Trump laughing.

The tweet is thought to be in response to Mr Khan’s decision to allow a 20ft “Trump Baby” blimp to be flown over London during the President’s visit.

Mr Fabricant deleted the image and claimed he did not see that it featured Mr Khan’s face, saying: “My fault was not checking it closer on my iPhone first.”

But Labour’s Luke Pollard said: “Tweeting racism is not a good look for a Conservative MP when there is a real problem with Islamophobia in the Tory party.”

Migrants 'harm UK'

BRITAIN and the rest of Europe is “losing its culture” because of immigration, Donald Trump says.

The wave of migrants from the Middle East and Africa is permanently changing the continent for the worse, the 72 year-old president argued.

And he claimed the situation pains him personally as the son of two EU countries.

Mr Trump told The Sun: “I have great love for countries in Europe.

“Don’t forget, essentially I’m a product of the European Union, between Scotland and Germany.

“Right? My father Germany, my mother Scotland.

But in a controversial outburst, he added: “I think what has happened to Europe is a shame.

“Allowing the immigration to take place in Europe is a shame.

“I think it changed the fabric of Europe and, unless you act very quickly, it’s never going to be what it was and I don’t mean that in a positive way.

“So I think allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad.

“I think you are losing your culture. Look around. You go through certain areas that didn’t exist ten or 15 years ago.”

Mr Trump made tackling illegal US immigration one of the planks of his 2016 election campaign.

Trump on London crimewave

DONALD Trump says London is in the middle of a crimewave — and blasted Sadiq Khan for failing to tackle the problem.

He said the mayor has “done a bad job on crime”.

It follow suggestions by the President earlier this year that gangs in the capital were getting round our strict gun laws by stabbing people instead.

Mr Trump said: “Yes that’s right — they don’t have guns, they have knives.”

More than 50 Londoners have been killed with knives this year. Nine people have been shot.

In 2017, there were at least 115 murder probes with 80 deaths the result of stabbings.

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