Donald Trump Slammed For Letting Melania Fly On Government Jet After Grounding Nancy Pelosi

Donald Trump is taking heat for grounding Nancy Pelosi from flying to war-torn Afghanistan while letting Melania fly on a government plane to Mar-a-Lago.

Some people care calling out President Donald Trump, 72, for abuse of power after he refused to let House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other bi-partisan congressional members fly on a government plane to visit troops in war-torn Afghanistan on Jan. 17. The decision seemed spiteful and petty, as he made the call as the politicians were already aboard a bus on the way to fly out. It also came a day after Pelosi called on Trump to delay his State of the Union speech until after the government shutdown over his border wall funding is resolved. Not only that, while Trump was busy cancelling Pelosi’s use of a government plane, his wife Melania was using one to fly down for a weekend of rest and relaxation at the couple’s palatial Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, FL.

“Wait…Nancy Pelosi can’t travel on a government plane to do actual government work but Melania can travel on a government jet to Mar-a-Lago? Melania Trump reportedly heading to Mar-a-Lago on government jet,” one person tweeted in disgust. The first couple has consistently used taxpayer-funded flights for their weekends in Florida. So for Trump to blame the government shutdown on the reason he cancelled Nancy’s flight made it ridiculous in light of his wife using a government jet to spend the weekend on vacation away from chilly Washington D.C.

“Melania Trump flew on a government plane today to go on vacation at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. Trump cancels the government plane for the Speaker’s trip to Afghanistan to visit with troops. This is what corruption looks like. The definition of it. In so many ways. Abuse of power,” another person tweeted.

Pelosi was also scheduled to visit Brussels, Belgium and Egypt in addition to Afghanistan and Trump told her in a letter that “Obviously if you would like to make your journey flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative” and seemed to imply she was taking a holiday by calling her trip “a seven-day excursion.” A Caribbean cruise is a seven-day excursion, not a trip for government purposes into a foreign war zone.

One person put it this way in a tweet, “Let me get this straight: It’s not okay during a shutdown for Pelosi to visit American troops in Afghanistan on official government business (which included diplomacy & NatSec briefings)… …but it’s fine for Melania Trump to commandeer Air Force One to go on a Florida vacay?” Yep…that’s our president.

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