Donald Trump’s defeat ends a political nightmare for domestic opponents and America’s allies around the world

DONALD Trump’s defeat marks the end of a political nightmare for his domestic opponents but also for America’s allies around the world.

Quite a few of his party bigwigs won’t be sorry to see him leave.

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Many presidents have been characters but none have been as chaotic and confrontational.

Mr Trump claimed he was putting “America first” but he ripped up much of the USA’s standing.

Despite his promise to be “really presidential” in 2016, the showman with an oversized ego always got the better of him.

The guy booming “You’re fired” at contestants on The Apprentice never abandoned playing to the audience with outrageous tweets and stunts.

Shocking the establishment played well with his base but cuddling up to dictators from Russia’s Vladimir Putin to North Korea’s rocketman Kim Jong-un got him nowhere.

He survived impeachment at the start of 2020 but Covid set back his chances of re-election.

Maybe no Western government can boast about its handling of the Covid crisis but Mr Trump’s indifference to over 200,000 deaths was shocking even by his standards.

Even his own remarkable bounce back from the virus was primarily an election gimmick and he offered nothing new as a health policy.

His lack of empathy for families grieving for relatives as much as his harsh response to protests against police killings of black Americans eroded his chance of getting America’s decent silent majority to vote for him.

His one solid legacy is pushing three conservative nominees on to the US Supreme Court. But these judges don’t look as though they will jump to save him by overruling the vote count that has given Mr Biden the White House.

What will be his legacy except four wasted years of empty boasts and promises not kept? Make America great again, Donald Trump did not.

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