Donald Trump’s ‘turncoat’ niece to publish ‘harrowing and explosive’ tell-all book’ before November election – The Sun

DONALD Trump's niece is reportedly set to publish a "harrowing and salacious" book about her uncle before the November presidential elections. 

Mary Trump, 55, has written Too Much And Never Enough which lifts the lid on her family’s feuds and will be released in August to coincide with the pre-election Republican National Convention.

While dozens of insider tell-all books have shed light on the business and political world of Trump, Mary Trump's will be the first time that a Trump family member has ever penned an expose. 

Publishers Simon & Schuster are said to be remaining tight-lipped about the content of the book.

But The Daily Beast has reported how insiders have told them it will detail explosive claims about the Trump dynasty. 

It will reportedly lay bare how Donald’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, an 83-year-old retired federal judge, dislikes Trump's presidency

And it is also said to allege that Trump and his dad, Fred Trump Sr, played a role in the death of Trump's alcoholic elder brother Fred Trump Jr aged 42 in 1981.

Trump has previously revealed sadness at the death of his brother and claimed this is why he did not drink himself.


But sources told the Daily Beast one of the most explosive revelations Mary will detail in the book was how she played a critical role helping The New York Times print allegations about Trump’s taxes.

This included how he was involved in allegedly "fraudulent" tax schemes which the president had strongly denied. 

The bombshell book will reveal how Trump, who has carefully constructed image as a self-made tycoon, received more than $400 million in today’s money from his late dad’s real estate empire.

Bad feeling between Trump and his niece Mary, is said to date back 20 years amid a fight over Fred Trump Sr.’s will.

Mary and her brother Fred III argued the will was "procured by fraud and undue influence" and they should have had a larger share of the inheritance.

In the end Donald’s three surviving siblings — Maryanne; Robert, now 72 and Elizabeth, now 74 — all agreed with the president over the will.

In a 2000 interview, Mary said: "My aunts and uncles should be ashamed of themselves."


The Daily Beast reports how Mary will claim that Trump and his father escalated Fred Jr’s alcoholism and did not help in his fight against his demons.

Trump himself has spoken regretfully about Fred Jr's untimely death. 

Last year he told the Washington Post he regretted putting pressure on him  to join the family business.

But the president stopped short of accepting blame for his death.

He said: "I don’t think there was much we could do at the time."

The book comes hot on the heels of John Bolton’s much-anticipated memoir The Room Where it Happened.

Bolton, who served in the Trump administration from April 2018 to September 2019, is reportedly forging ahead with releasing it on June 23 despite Trump's objection to it.

The 592-page tome, initially scheduled for release on March 17, has not been signed off on by the White House pending the National Security Council's classification review process, as per the Washington Post.

The publication previously reported how Trump privately blasted Bolton as a "traitor" for painting him in such a negative light

The news comes after the Trump administration reportedly tried to stop it from being published for months and Bolton claimed they were trying to "suppress" him from revealing the President's interactions with Ukraine.

It was that July 2019 call with Volodymyr Zelensky that led to the US leader’s impeachment trial from which he was ultimately acquitted.

Bolton left his post after serving 17 months as Trump’s third national security adviser due to disagreements about policy.


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