Dr Fauci warns Americans will be wearing face masks until end of 2021 after he told families not to travel at Christmas

DR Anthony Fauci has told Americans to keep their masks on until the end of 2021, despite the vaccine’s arrival – after he warned against travel at Christmas.

The country's top infectious disease expert doctor spoke of the warnings to the public during a talk with the Center for Strategic and International Studies virtual health event.

He said: “I don't believe we're going to be able to throw the masks away and forget about physical separation in congregate settings for a while, probably likely until we get into the late fall and early next winter. But I think we can do it.”

Fauci is set to get the vaccine live on TV in hopes of improving public confidence.

Dr Fauci, 79, is considered high risk for the coronavirus because of his age, which is why the prime candidate is set to receive the vaccine ahead of the general population.

Earlier this month, Fauci warned Americans against the health risks travel will impose should citizens choose to travel and see loved ones. 

The doctor spoke during an interview with MSNBC, when he was asked about whether Americans should cancel their travel plans for Christmas. 

'I think they're going to have to make individual decisions, but I think we need to, as a nation, seriously consider the things that we in the public health arena have been talking about, of minimizing travel to the extent possible,' Fauci responded. 

Back in October, Fauci was deemed ‘’an idiot’’ by President Donald trump as he thought people were ‘’tired of hearing about Covid’’. 

Trump also called Fauci a "disaster," who is a "bomb" when he goes on TV, but a "bigger bomb if you fire him."

"If there's a reporter on, you can have it just the way I said it. I couldn’t care less," the president said following the initial comments.

The US surpassed 300,000 deaths on Monday, however healthcare workers began to receive the Pfizer vaccine earlier in the week and first responders and nursing home residents will be prioritized. 

The doctor hopes to improve public confidence by getting the vaccine live on TV. “As soon as my turn comes up, which likely will be very soon, I'm going to be available to get vaccinated publicly so that people can see that I feel strongly that this is something we should do, and hopefully that will encourage many more people to get vaccinated.” Fauci said.

Fauci isn’t the only public figure willing to get the vaccine in the public eye with former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have made similar pledges previously. 

President Donald Trump has also made the same pledge, but it’s  unclear when he’s scheduled for the vaccination.

Whilst the pandemic introduced outdoor dining, it seems that will be suspended for New York residents. 

The concrete jungle is set to suspend outdoor dining starting Wednesday afternoon due to a major storm that will bring heavy snow across the state.

On Monday New York City’s Department of Sanitation issued a snow alert starting from Wednesday at 2pm, which means outdoor dining is to be suspended for safety reasons. 

New Yorkers are expected to brace themselves for up to eight inches of snow, which may give them a white Christmas. 

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