‘Drink-driver ex-cop’ rams woman biker with car and kills her

A disgruntled ex-cop has been arrested after allegedly ramming his car into a woman biker, pushing her across the road and into a tree, killing her.

The chilling crash is believed to have been intentional, but police in Nanjing, east China, have so far only arrested the suspect on drink-driving charges.

Distressing footage of the incident, which the Mirror Online has edited, shows the unnamed suspect run a red light.

He speeds through the junction, crashing into the woman as she and numerous others ride through the crossroads.

The black saloon car is driven at speed and pushes the woman, 33-year-old Ms Liu, into a tree.

Local police and the fire service were on scene to arrest the suspect, while the victim was declared dead.

Witnesses said the police pulled the unconscious driver from the front of the car, with the man smelling heavily of alcohol.

The incident is still under investigation, but unconfirmed reports have suggested that the driver was a disgraced former policeman.

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