Driver faces fine for breaching lockdown rules after his 4×4 got stuck

Off-road driver who got stuck while trying to take his Land Rover up a Welsh snow-covered mountain and had to be rescued is fined £200 for breaking lockdown rules

  • North Wales Police’s rural crime team were forced to rescue a man after his 4×4 vehicle became stuck at Ruabon Mountain, an area of special scientific interest
  • Status makes it illegal to drive in the area, located near Llangollen, North Wales
  • Police also condemned behaviour as it disobeyed the stay-at-home Covid rules

Police were forced to rescue a Covid rule-breaker after he got his 4×4 stuck on the side of a snow-covered mountain. 

The man faces a £200 fine for disobeying the stay-at-home law and is set to be ordered to pay for the cost of the rescue operation costing hundreds of pounds in public money.

North Wales Police condemned his behaviour as he was illegally off-roading in sub-zero temperatures when he got bogged down and had to phone for help.

A man is facing a £200 fine for breaching Covid travel rules when he had to be rescue by police after getting his 4×4 stuck on the side of a snow-covered mountain in North Wales

North Wales Police Rural Crime Team were dispatched to the hillside – called Worlds End – in the shadow of the 499 metres (1,637ft) Ruabon Mountain near Llangollen.

After hauling him back on to the road, they said he’d broken the lockdown law and it was also illegal because his antics could damage a site of special scientific interest.

A spokesman said: ‘We were called to the Ruabon mountain/Worlds End area where a person had decided to spend some time off-roading (illegally) on a SSSI.

‘Of course they are also in breach of COVID rules and got their vehicle stuck after having slid backwards down a steep hill.’

Police released images showing the vehicle stuck on the snow-covered hillside yesterday afternoon.

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