Driver of Santa float fined over seat belt offence in street parade

Bah, humbug! Grinch police officer fines driver of Santa’s float because Father Christmas wasn’t wearing a seat belt during street parade

  • A driver towing Santa in his car at a Christmas pageant has been fined $300
  • The fine for towing a trailer with person in or on the trailer was issued on the spot
  • Some said the event was tainted by the incident in Morgan, 180km from Adelaide

A driver towing Santa’s sleigh at a street parade for children has been hit with a $300 fine because the dress-up Father Christmas wasn’t wearing a seat belt. 

The trailer, disguised as a makeshift Santa sled, was slowly making its way down a street in the quiet country town of Morgan, in South Australia.   

But when the festivities ended, the driver and his passenger in tow were stopped by a particularly vigilant police officer. 

A driver towing Santa at a country Christmas pageant as cargo in the back of a trailer (pictured) has been slapped with a $300 fine for his ‘unsecured load’

When the festivities ended the driver and his passenger-in-tow (pictured) were stopped by a police officer from Waikerie who slapped the pair with a $300 fine

The officer. who was stationed in front of the Morgan Police Station, spotted the Father Christmas standing in the float about 8.30pm.

The stand-in Santa had just finished handing out more than 200 bags of lollies to children and spectators of the pageant.   

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‘Who would book Father Christmas for Christ’s sake?’ Ernie Asplin, the president of the local chapter of the Lions Club told the Adelaide Advertiser.  

‘I know Father Christmas took down the officer’s number so he won’t be getting any presents this year.

‘This is really a sad state of affairs and it leaves a pretty bitter taste for the rest of the event.’ 

The stand-in Santa (above) had just finished handing out more than 200 bags of lollies to children and spectators of the pageant before he was given the fine

The driver was also deducted three demerit points on top of his $301 fine, a South Australia Police spokesman said.

The spokesman confirmed the fine was issued on the spot for ‘towing a trailer with person in or on the trailer’.

The same officer who issued the fine was also seen fining a motorbike rider and his passenger, who were also involved in the pageant, for not wearing helmets.

Mr Asplin said the incident had cast a shadow over an otherwise successful event.



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