Driver stabbed by moped thugs with zombie knife for his £30k watch believes same gang also targeted Michael McIntyre

Dashcam footage shows the terrifying moment robbers jumped onto the victim's car and shouted: "Give us your watches".

Last Saturday's attack came two days before the 42-year-old comedian was ambushed just three miles away in North London.

Exclusive footage obtained by The Sun showed two black-clad riders menacing the comedian moments after smashing the window of his £125,000 Range Rover on the school run.

Michael was seen handing the watch to one thief, who then rejoined his accomplice on the bike and raced off.

Two days earlier, four thugs pulled up on two mopeds wither side of a Mazda RX5 on the North Circular Road in East Finchley.

The 27-year-old financial manager, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Sun Online: "They put hammers through the windows and started shouting 'give us your watches'.

"Then a third man pulled up at my window with a  knife and that's when I started taking my watch off and gave it to them."

Horrifying dashcam images show one thug climbing on the car, kicking the windscreen and smashing it.

The muggers then jump back on the moped and head west on the A406 towards Brent Cross.

The driver believes he was targeted by the same gang as Mr McIntyre. Police have not ruled out a potential link between the cases.

Last week, London mayor Sadiq Khan admitted he was responsible for the surge in violent crime in the capital but refused to say sorry, pointing the finger at the Government for cutting police numbers.

At least 37 people have been fatally stabbed – and more than 70 killed – in London since the beginning of the year.

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