Driver wrecks his car on a lamp-post as he does donuts in parking lot

Do-nut do this! Moment show-off driver wrecks his car on a lamp-post as he does donuts in a parking lot

  • The driver was caught on CCTV crashing a Chevy Camaro in Antioch, California
  • Police were dispatched to the area at around 7am on Tuesday, January 11 
  • Driver was arrested for reckless driving and his car was given a 30-day hold 

This driver’s show-off stunt ended in major repair bill when he wrecked his car by smashing into a lamp-post.

CCTV footage shows the moment disaster struck in Antioch, California, when tire spins and donuts turned into a crumpled front fender early on Tuesday, January 11.

The driver crashed his white Chevy Camaro before trying to flee the scene at around 7am, but police arrested him for reckless driving and put a 30-day hold on his car.

The show-off driver wrecked his white Chevy Camaro when he crashed it into a lamp-post in Antioch. California

Photos of the car afterwards show major damage to the front passenger side, with crumpled bodywork, the front fender hanging off and a wheel wrenched round against the concrete base of the light pole. 

The police department shared security footage of the crash on Facebook, and joked: ‘While police officers have an affinity for donuts, we can admit not all donuts are created equal.’ 

On a more serious note it added that sideshows – where drivers gather to perform stunts – ‘continue to be a huge issue in the greater Bay Area and law enforcement remains committed to using the full extent of the law to stop people involved in such activity. 

‘In addition to having your vehicle towed, any driver participating in a sideshow can have their driver’s license suspended up to six months and be subject to arrest.

‘Sideshows are extremely dangerous and affect every driver on the road. 

‘We all share the road together and have an obligation to each other to drive responsibly.’

Antioch Police Department spokesperson Darryl Saffold said the timing of the incident was ‘ unusual’ as most sideshows happen in the afternoon or evening. 

The force added: ‘Make better donut selections please, perhaps something with sprinkles.’

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