Drivers lash out at £60 fines for spending ‘seconds’ driving through car park

Dozens of disgruntled drivers have lashed out after receiving £60 fines for spending just seconds driving through a car park.

Motorists claim they have been slapped with the hefty bill by merely using a gym car park as a passage to get to a social club in Burton – one of only two routes to access the popular sport venue.

Parents taking their children to football matches, and even the social club’s chairman have had tickets arrive through their doors demanding money.

Matt Seaborn, Washlands Social Club chairman, told the Burton Mail: "I had a first ticket in January but I appealed it and got it quashed.

"We’ve just been driving through the car park. There’s something not right with the camera system."

There are two car park cameras in the Workout Gym car park and on the bridge towards the social club.

One is to clock whether cars are actually staying in the gym car park and the other is to recognise whether a vehicle is just passing through to get to the club instead of staying.

Father-of-three Simon Rushton was taking his son to a junior football match at the Washlands Social Club back in February when he received an unexpected parking fine 10 days later.

He believes the parking camera in The Workout car park picked his vehicle in on the way in but claims the camera on the bridge failed to recognise that he was only passing through.

The 48-year-old said: "It’s the camera on the bridge which is the problem, are far as they are concerned I parked there.

"I went into the car park twice and came out twice, but they only gave me one ticket which was very generous.

"I put a post on the ‘Spotted Burton’ Facebook page and had a few replies from others with the same issue.

"People have even paid the fines just to stop the hassle and threatening letters.

"I’m still in the appeal process. The appeal has been turned down and then they employ a collections company, they will be knocking on doors soon and then it goes to the courts."

Premier Park, the parking company which operate the cameras in The Workout gym car park, said it is unaware of any motorists driving through the site receiving unfair charges.

In a statement, it said: "Prior to our involvement the gym often found their car park full of non-members causing inconvenience to genuine users and the issue was also starting to affect their business.

"We implemented an ANPR system linked into a touchscreen terminal for members to register when visiting the gym and this system has resolved the issues with non-member parking.

"There are two cameras to cover the entrances and exits at each end and we are not aware, from the thousands of vehicles using the site over a period of time, of any issues of vehicles driving through the site receiving charges.

"Premier Park are members of the British Parking Association and also offer a full independent appeals service via POPLA.

"We would urge anyone who believes they have been issued a charge incorrectly to contact us through the correct channels indicated on the Parking Charge Notice."

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