Drone footage captures Indian tribe which has no contact with outside world

An Indian tribe which has never had contact with the outside world has been captured for the first time in incredible drone footage.

The clip, shot above a vast area of dense Amazon rainforest in the far west of northern Brazil, shows the group of 16 indigenous people in a clearing.

A tribesman walks with a bow and arrow in the dramatic footage and the ancestral house, known as a maloca, is also pictured.

Funai, Brazil’s agency for native tribes, said it is the first time such tribes have been filmed using drones.

“The use of drones provided safety both for the indigenous people and for the Funai team.

“The idea is to share these scenes in order to confirm the existence of these Indians and the importance of protecting them.

"We need to strengthen our work in the region," said the agency’s isolated Indians coordinator, Bruno Pereira.

Funai experts trekked more than 190 miles into the 53,000-square-mile Vale do Javari Indian reservation on the border with Colombia and Peru, after receiving reports that illegal hunters were threatening tribes.

They travelled 112 miles along rivers, rode motorbikes and walked a further 75 miles during the three-week trek last year.

The team also found abandoned stone axes tied together with vegetable fibres, a horn made from tree bark and dugout canoes in the region, which they claim confirms the presence of other tribes who have had no contact with civilisation.

But no attempt will be made to contact the Indian indigenous people or further tribes.

“We respect their isolation. Their isolation will remain until the day they decide against it, or until an extreme situation requires the State to make contact," said Mr Pereira.

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However the agency has taken steps to combat the activity of illegal hunters.

They are said to be trying to capture rare animals in the rainforest by laying traps.

Funai released some animals from traps near rivers, it confirmed.

There are believed to be six other tribes in the region which have had contact with civilisation.

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