Drug and booze-fuelled Sex Island where men can romp with 60 hookers will feature a pop megastar 'with roots in Canada'

Guests of the three-day bash, which costs £4,600 a ticket, already have access to free booze, a nightclub, golf course, gym and two prostitutes a day.

And now they are going to be treated to a superstar who has "roots in Canada".

One of the organisers, identified only as Matthew, told the Mirror the experience would "never be forgotten".

He added: "This year one of the world's most popular artists will be performing. It is an American pop artist who has roots in Canada.

"That's all I can mention at the moment. What I can say is this year's event will be bigger and better."

The event will be held in a secret location after Colombian authorities banned it.

Matthew said the exact location of this year's party cannot be disclosed.

Each punter of this so-called "sex paradise", which operates from December 14 to 17, is given an unlimited supply of condoms, alcohol and food.

There is at least two "latina" women for every man from an army of 60 women all told to make men feel "like a king".

Sex Island's website said: "All the girls are here to please you and make you feel like a king.

"If you have any special fantasy make sure to inform the host or the girls and they will make sure to bring them to life.

"There are 30 tickets for 30 guests, each ticket includes the company of two beautiful girls each day for unlimited amount of sex during the four days of the trip.

"Our event is located on a private island. The entire island will be available to our guest. We called it Sex Island."

Punters can party round the clock

"Each day we will have incredible sex activities and surprises, and events including parties on our luxury yacht, live sex shows, and more.”

Last year guests were promised the chance to bed 16 ladies at once and can indulge in "unlimited sex" during the getaway.

Officials also claimed a "mainstream" American singer had signed up.

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