Drugged up naked grandad ‘can’t remember’ totally trashing hotel room

A grandfather was naked and high on drugs as he trashed a hotel room, causing £48,000 worth of damage.

Michael Turner, 52, had no clothes on as Dale Smith, the co-owner of Heritage Hotel in Porthcawl entered his room, WalesOnline reports.

Smith made his way into the room after receiving complaints from guests of leaking water and found that not only was the shower running but the room itself was "completely trashed".

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During a sentencing hearing on Tuesday (November 29), it was revealed that Mr Smith and his mother attended the hotel and called the police, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

Some of the damage that had occurred included glass in the shower being smashed and water leaking through the floor, affecting the rooms below.

Despite denying responsibility for the damage of the room, going as far to say the room was in "perfect condition" the night before, he was arrested and later said he "can't remember" committing the act.

Considerable damage was done to walls, carpets, and electrics, which added up to more than £48,000 according to prosecutor Andrew Kendal, with Mr Smith spending £10,000 himself on some repairs.

The court heard that Turner has 36 previous convictions including damage to property and burglary as he later pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

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Defence barrister Andrew Taylor said his client has had a troubled past with drug abuse and said he'd been acting in an "erratic and in an unusual way" before trashing the hotel room.

He said: "[Turner] tells me he needs to start rebuilding his life. He said the defendant has mental health difficulties and had split up from his partner of 24 years but wanted to rebuild relationships with his children and grandchildren."

Turner was sentenced to 14 and a half months in prison as Judge David Wynn Morgan said: "You had an addiction to Class A drugs and the offence was committed while you were under the influence of controlled drugs."


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