Drunk woman ‘napping’ in road avoids being run over by inches

A drunk woman ‘napping’ on busy main road avoided being run over by inches in this jaw-dropping dashcam footage.

The woman was seen sleeping on the side of the road with her head in the direct line of traffic.

A car can be seen approaching her through the darkness, before quickly swerving to avoid running her over as she comes into view.

Texas police said the woman ended up on the road in Fulshear, west of Houston, after getting her car stuck 200 yards away.

They revealed in a Facebook post the woman, named as Jeanette Murillo, had "bedded down" for the night in the incredibly dangerous spot, reports the New York Post .

Police said: "Thankfully, Sergeant Scott happened to be on patrol at the right time and in the right place.

"In the video you see the car in front of Sergeant Scott’s police car swerve to avoid an object in the road."

Sergeant Scott went to the woman’s aid, managing to wake her before moving her from the road.

Police said the incident was a case of "being in the wrong place at the right time" after the woman was thankfully helped by an officer.

They added: "However this unfortunate mistake could have ended tragically and the ride could have been to the morgue."

The woman was arrested for public intoxication.

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