Eddie Hall and Paddy McGuinness lift weights using their penises in bonkers clip

Eddie Hall is known around the world for being able to lift an insane amount of weights – but it turns out his manhood is also pretty strong.

The 31-year-old invited comedian Paddy McGuinness for a workout with a difference last week which bizarrely involved lifting a kettlebell with nothing but his penis and testicles.

In a clip posted to his YouTube channel, Eddie jokingly revealed to the cameras he was starting the "World Bollock Championships".

Paddy was first to attempt the pain-inducing move, attaching a 4kg kettlebell with string to his genitalia before managing to lift it up in a squat movement.

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Eddie then steps up to the plate and attempts a 6kg but, before he does, he makes a gruesome revelation.

"Last time I did this I used wire and when I picked it up, one of my bollocks popped through and it was hanging on by one ball – but I still did it," he says, provoking a shocked gasp by the comedian.

Paddy holds the weight of the bell as The Beast fits it into place before he lets it drop.

The strongman then lets out an almighty scream as it tugs at his manhood but, incredibly, then manages to lift it up and down in a squat movement.

He quickly removes it and sits down to recover from the brutal workout.

"If my wife's watching, don't worry, everything is still working," Paddy adds as he hobbles out of the room.

"Now I'm just going to go for a little cry."

As well as winning the World's Strongest Man tournament in 2017, Eddie is also known for becoming the first man to ever lift 500kg in a deadlift.

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