England fans filmed making Nazi salutes banned from national matches

England football fans who were filmed making Nazi salutes in a Russian bar as Gareth Southgate’s men played Tunisia are banned from ALL national matches for three years

  • Michael Burns and David Batty were filmed shouting ‘sieg heil’ in Volgograd pub 
  • They changed lyrics of a Tottenham song to say ‘We’re on the way to Auschwitz’ 
  • Both received three-year banning orders after another of their group got five 

A pair of England football hooligans filmed making the Nazi salute and singing anti-Semitic chants in a Russian bar have been handed a three-year match ban on all games played by the national team.

Michael Burns, 52, and David Batty, 58, were videoed raising their right arms and shouting ‘sieg heil’ in the Galleriya Pub, Volgograd, where England played Tunisia in their opening World Cup game.

The fans were recorded singing to the tune of an old Tottenham Hotspur song called Ossie’s Dream, which had the lyrics, ‘We’re on our way to Wembley’, changing them to, ‘We’re on the way to Auschwitz’.

Michael Burns, right, and David Batty, left, were videoed raising their right arms and shouting ‘sieg heil’ in the Galleriya Pub, Volgograd

Today Batty, of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, and Burns, of Billingham, Cleveland, appeared before Leeds Magistrates’ Court and accepted a three-year football banning order.

District Judge Charlotte Holland told the shamefaced men: ‘Everyone in this country is getting behind the England team and children want to support them and your behaviour is ruining that.’

The men can also be heard making reference to Auschwitz in an anti-Semitic chant

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Rotund Burns, wearing a suit, and Batty, with tattoos, a shaved head and mullet, sat quietly as the judge told them she had viewed the footage, which she described as ‘disgraceful behaviour.’

Judge Holland said she understood the pair had purchased a number of tickets for future World Cup games, which they will now miss.

The video featured fans singing ‘We’re on our way to Auschwitz’ while doing the Nazi salute  

Prosecutor Malcolm Christy confirmed ‘that is an unfortunate consequence’ of their behaviour and the travel ban.

The court heard another hooligan had already received a five year ban, but Batty and Burns were less involved in the racist chanting.

Both men are banned from all geographic areas where England to play international matches for three years. 

They must not go within two miles of the stadium in which any future games are being played for four hours before and after the game.

The men, who were brought to justice by the United Kingdom Football Policing Unit, must report to a police station on the day of the games and must also surrender travel documents. Neither man wished to comment after the court case. 


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