Enormous dog ‘mistaken for a bear’ while on forest walks is ‘a gentle giant’

The owner of a huge fluffy beast has insisted her dog is a nothing but a gentle giant after strangers mistook her for a bear.

Runny, a one-year-old Leonberger, shocks passersby with her giant frame and adorable mane of hair.

Some stunned strangers even mistake her for a bear at first glance when she is on a walk with owner Marit Lillejordet in Oslo, Norway.

It’s easy to see why. She stands much bigger than other dogs, and weighs an intimidating 50kg.

And she’s not even fully grown yet.

But her owner says she is a total softie who actually loves other dogs and to make new friends.

She also likes long walks and taking a dip to cool off.

Marit, 57, a mental health therapist, said: “I have had Leonbergers for 27 years and I am deeply in love with this breed.

“But most people don't know this breed and think I’m walking a bear in the woods!

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“Many people stop and talk to us when we meet them.

"They also say she is beautiful and ask how much she eats.

“You can see it in her face and her wagging tail that she is a very kind girl.”

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Leonbergers need a lot of attention and exercise and have a striking bark.

They’re friendly canines and are said to be really affectionate.

Marit added: “She is kind to everyone she meets, both humans and other dogs. She loves to play with other dogs – big and small.

“She is really a gentle giant.”

When fully grown, Leonbergers can be up to 31.5 inches – 2.6ft – tall.

Runny even has her own Instagram page where she shows off her long walks and scenic views.

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