‘Europe unlikely to survive!’ Putin’s mouthpiece in chilling energy threat amid gas curb

Russian mouthpiece offers warning to Europe amid energy crisis

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Russian state TV’s Yevgeny Popov has gleefully reflected on the energy crisis gripping Europe as the Vladimir Putin propagandist warned the continent to brace for a “harsh, cold winter.” Falling Russian gas flows have forced energy suppliers across Europe to buy fuel at significantly higher market prices leading to economic hardship for many European households. 

Popov told Russia1: “Against the backdrop of rising gas prices, residents of the Netherlands are stocking up on firewood ahead of the winter for fueling their homes, local newspaper Volkskrant report this.

“Because of rising prices and inflation, Swedes have started shoplifting more often.

“The Germans have brought up all their electric heaters so that they don’t freeze in the winter.

“Spanish premier Pedro Sanchez has urged his compatriots to stop wearing ties as a measure aimed at saving electricity.

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“He says that Spaniards shouldn’t wear ties and then they won’t need air conditioners or fans for which there is simply not enough electricity.

“Although in Europe they already realise that anti-Russian sanctions are leading the EU to the biggest financial crisis in history, that’s what the Daily Express says.”

“The British are calling the situation itself suicide.”

He added: “Right now, hundreds of millions of European face a harsh, cold winter which Europe is unlikely to survive.”

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It comes as the Russian foreign ministry issued a list of 39 newly sanctioned individuals it said are no longer allowed to enter the Russian Federation.

It said the action was in response to UK sanctions issued against Russian ministers, officials and members of influential families linked to the Kremlin following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian foreign ministry claimed those individuals sanctioned have contributed to “London’s hostile course aimed at the demonisation of our country and its international isolation”.

Former prime minister Mr Cameron is the first name on the list, followed by Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, a former Nato secretary-general, while Labour leader Sir Keir and shadow cabinet ministers Lisa Nandy, David Lammy and Nick Thomas-Symonds also feature.

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SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford, Scottish Government Economy Secretary Kate Forbes and transport minister Wendy Morton, previously in the Foreign Office, are also among those included.

Journalists including Mr Edwards, TalkTV’s Piers Morgan, ITV’s Robert Peston and head of Sky News, John Ryley, are listed alongside reporters at various outlets.

Mr Morgan, writing on Twitter, said: “It wasn’t on my immediate vacation to-do list.”

The Russian foreign ministry said in a statement: “As has been noted more than once, the pernicious actions of the UK in planting Russophobia, spreading false information about our country and supporting the Kyiv neo-Nazi regime will receive an adequate and decisive response from the Russian side.”


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