Everyone's baffled about why Americans don't use pencil and paper after midterms election machine meltdown

Voters are claiming broken polling machines 'flipped their vote in front of their eyes' as three hour queues and power outs hit the US election.

The chaos has led to people asking why they need machines at all, with one critic saying "you can't rig a pencil".

Another posted: "Put all voting machines on the junk pile.

"Paper and pen/pencil do not fail this way. Hand counting can't be hacked."

While another added: "Simple is better for voting!"








Voters in South Carolina said their candidate picks, including in the governor’s race, did not match those on their final ballot.

One person said she tried to correct her vote several times before a poll worker took her to another machine so she could cast her vote.

However, elections director Rokey Suleman said no votes were switched and blamed the malfunctions on a calibration issue with the voting machines.

He said that if the touchscreen calibration is off, it could make an unintended selection.

And he warned voters to double check their final selection page to ensure it reflects their correct picks.

It comes amid a host of other voting problems caused huge queues, power outages and ID mix ups.

Some people in Brooklyn had to wait in line for three hours to cast a vote.

In Georgia, more than 100 people sat on the floor as they waited.

Others reported people walking out because of delays.

There are also reports of broken ballot scanners surfaced at some polling places across New York City.

Repairmen were on site trying to fix the machines while queues continued to grow at one voting station Manhattan.

Americans headed to the polls for the crucial US midterm elections as voting stations opened across the US.

Voter turnout could be the highest for a midterm election in 50 years, experts predicted.

While Trump is not on the ballot, this election is widely seen as a referendum on his time in office.

Emboldened Democrats have a chance to win majorities in Republican-controlled Congress — which is made up of two houses, the House Of Representatives and the Senate.

By casting their votes, the American public has the opportunity to give the thumbs up or thumbs down to Trump’s controversial political agenda.

The elections will determine whether Republicans keep control of the US Congress.

Trump and the Republicans are at great risk of losing the House of Representatives – which could paralyse his presidency.


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