Evil David Fuller trawled social media for images of victims and kept names in a book

MORGUE monster David Fuller trawled social media for images of his victims and kept their names in a book.

He relived his sickening crimes through the pictures, relatives of his victims were told by police.

Mum Nevres Kemal learned the body of her daughter Azra, who had died after falling from a road bridge in Kent last year, had been violated.

Fuller also scoured the 24-year-old’s Facebook page for her photos.

Nevres, 57, from Whetstone, North London, said: “After his abuse, he would relive it.”

The mum became so incensed when she learned what had happened that she charged towards a police station with a kitchen knife to “put it straight through his heart” and was arrested.

Fuller, who murdered Caroline Pierce, 20, and Wendy Knell, 25, in 1987, is linked to another horrific crime.

The Sun on Sunday can reveal detectives are looking into whether he could have been behind the unsolved 1986 killing and rape of barmaid Linda Cook, 24, in Portsmouth.

Her body was found dumped on wasteland in the city where electrician Fuller, 67, grew up.

Caught by DNA

DAVID Fuller was finally caught after 34 years due to revolutionary DNA developments.

In late 2019, experts at the Cellmark laboratory extracted traces of his DNA from tights worn by victim Caroline Pierce, despite her having been immersed in water for three weeks.

It was found to be 160,000 times more likely to have originated from Fuller than anyone else — one of the first successes using a new technique, Sperm Trap.

Police called it a “significant” breakthrough.

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