Evil trolls urge mum to KILL her own baby over huge birthmark… as priest refuses to baptise her – The Sun

BARBARIC trolls have urged a Russian mum to kill her own baby – just because her daughter's back has a large birthmark.

Maria Khvostantseva, 22, is also distraught that an ignorant priest refused to baptise Vika, in case the mark on her skin was "contagious".

When the proud mum shared pics of her cute tot on social media, she was shocked at the wave of hatred she received.

Maria, of Kurgan, west-central Russia, told local media: “I got tonnes of messages and phone calls from strangers.

"They were insulting me and urging to kill my baby.

“A woman said to me by phone, ‘Kill your child! Throw it under a train!’”

Another vile person commented: “Look at this ugly monster. You should put it under an acid rain or under a press. Kill this creature!”

And one upsetting message said: “It’s better to die than to be like that.”


Six-month-old Vika has been diagnosed with giant congenital melanocytic nevi – a birthmark which is more than 20cm in diameter.

According to DermNet NZ, these are "associated with an increased risk of developing cutaneous melanoma (affecting the skin), neurocutaneous melanoma (affecting skin and nerves) and rarely other tumours".

When Maria gave birth to Vika, her rude midwife told her: "She’s kind of dirty or what?"

She then tried to clean the birthmark off her back with a napkin.

The mum added that, “a paediatrician advised me to send my baby to an orphanage.

“People in the street often point their fingers at Vika and laugh. I am very upset because of that.”

She’s kind of dirty or what?

About a month ago an idiotic Orthodox priest refused to baptise her tot, because he feared the birthmark was contagious and would spread to him.

The traumatised mum said: “The priest did not want to touch Vika.

"He said, ‘the spot can be contagious and I think our congregation won’t understand this’.”

As a result of the ignorance and hatred, Maria is forced to limit the time she spends outside with Vika.

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She wants to protect her from people's aggressive reaction.

But, Maria pointed out: “My baby is beautiful and very much loved by her family.

"My son says, ‘Vika was kissed by the sun’.”

Cops have been investigating the bullying she's experienced on social media.

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