Ex-boxer jailed for five years after killing man with single punch

Headteacher’s ex-boxer son, 28, is jailed for more than five years after he killed man with single punch for daring to wave at him in the street

  • Ex-boxer Creole McNamee punched Abdi Ali, 34, when he waved at him in street 
  • Mr Ali fell to the ground and McNamee took him to hospital but lied about injury 
  • Medical staff grew suspicious and alerted police, who tracked down McNamee
  • McNamee jailed for five years and four months at Minshull Street Crown Court

A headmistress’s son who killed a man with a single punch after the victim waved at him has been jailed for more than five years. 

Construction boss Creole McNamee, 28, flew into a rage at the wheel of his van after an acquaintance of his, Abdi Ali, raised his arm to greet him as he drove past. 

The angry ex-boxer brought his vehicle to an abrupt halt in the middle of the road and then punched his victim in the face with ‘overwhelming force’.  

Somalia born Mr Ali, 34, who was about to shake hands with McNamee, fell straight back onto the pavement, hit his head and suffered a fatal bleed on the brain. He was rushed to hospital by McNamee himself but died eight days later from his injuries.

When McNamee dropped him off at hospital he lied and said Mr Ali had fallen over on a construction site. The medical staff grew suspicious and alerted the police, who were able to track down McNamee’s white van.  

Construction boss Creole McNamee (pictured), 28, flew into a rage at the wheel of his van after an acquaintance of his, Abdi Ali, raised his arm to greet him as he drove past

Father-of-one McNamee, a former boxer of Stretford, Greater Manchester, admitted manslaughter but later claimed the victim had previously made his ‘disparaging remarks’ about his ethnic background.

He admitted: ‘I would like to apologise to his family.

‘I didn’t think he was in the state he was in I thought he was concussed. I would do anything to take this back. I am sorry for everything and feel full of guilt and regret.

‘I cannot think of anything except Mr Ali and his last words- ”Thank you for not leaving me by the road.” 

‘The worst thing is that I know what my mum would think if this had happened to me. I am so sorry for him and his family, especially his mother.

‘I hope they can begin to come to terms with this and I hope to show them I did not intend for this to happen. I am sincerely sorry for this.’

Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester heard the attack took place on May 3 after Mr Ali, described by his family as a ‘nice and funny guy’, had been walking down a street in Longsight talking on his mobile phone.

McNamee was jailed for five years and four months at Minshull Street Crown Court (pictured)

Prosecutor Peter Cadwallader said: ‘The defendant managed to get the victim to his feet but it was clear he was, at best, only partially conscious. 

‘The victim was handed over to medical staff but the defendant did lie and claimed the victim had fallen over on a building site and left the hospital. 

‘Staff were suspicious contacted police who traced his white van and the registration number. The defendant was arrested and gave no comment replies.’

McNamee was jailed for five years and four months. His lawyer Sailesh Metha said: ‘The defendant had not seen the victim until the last moment and suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. He only lashed out and didn’t mean to cause the harm he did.

‘As soon as the punch landed and the victim fell on the road, the defendant apologised and tried to help the victim. After the second fall it became clear the victim would have to be taken somewhere. His mother has been a head teacher and a lecturer at Leeds University.’

Sentencing Judge Maurice Greene told McNamee: ‘It seems as though you and your victim were known to each other and that he had previously made disparaging remarks about your ethnic background. It was not the best of relationships and you felt you had a grievance. 

‘I accept you are remorseful and regret what happened. It is quite clear the consequences of your actions were not intended. But it was a blow involving significant force, this was a substantial punch.’

After the case Detective Chief Inspector Liz Hopkinson, of Greater Manchester Police said: ‘This was an unprovoked assault which had a serious consequence – the death of a man. I hope this case serves as a reminder that one punch can kill.’

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