Ex-Russian commander slams his country’s military as ‘morons’

Ukraine: Russian soldier films destroyed Russian tanks

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An ex-commander from Russia has called his country’s generals “complete morons” following Ukrainian claims that they have destroyed almost an entire tank brigade in Vuhledar. Vladimir Putin is said to have had an entire tank brigade smashed in a battle for the small coal-mining town in the Donetsk region because of a vehicle pile-up.

The former commander Igor Girkin, who was sentenced to life in prison after bringing down the MH17 flight in 2014, said Ukraine pounded the vehicles “like in a shooting gallery”.

He noted how the vehicles, including tanks, piled up along a narrow road while the Ukrainian artillery fired at them.

Mr Girkin said the Russians were “complete morons, who don’t learn from their own mistakes”.

Throughout the war, footage has emerged showing tanks on narrow roads taking a pummelling from Ukrainian drones, artillery strikes and other anti-tank equipment.

Ukraine’s military claims they have destroyed the entirety of the elite tank squad, the 155th naval infantry brigade who were trying to storm Vuhledar.

Oleksiy Dmytrashkivskyi, the head of press for the Tavriskiy District of Ukrainian defence forces, said enemy forces, including commanders, were destroyed in battle.

He described how over the past week, Russia has lost 130 units of equipment including 36 units of tanks. According to him, the 155th has been restaffed three times: after fights in Bucha, Irpin and again near Donetsk.

Mr Girkin pessimistically believes the losses could mean the end of the offensive of the Russian army on the entire Donetsk front.

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The town where fields are riddled with Ukrainian mines is said to be tactically important for both sides in the war.

Maksym, the deputy commander of a Ukrainian marine infantry battalion, said: “It’s one of the main logistics points of the Donbas region, and also one of the main points of elevation.

“By capturing Vuhledar, Russians can easily occupy the entire Donetsk region.”

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