Family faced £28,000 bill to fly grandmother in coma back from Spain

Family of grandmother who suffered pneumonia and septic shock on Gran Canaria holiday faced £28,000 bill to fly 70-year-old back to the UK after she was placed in a coma

  • Jennifer Wardle, 70, caught pneumonia and septic shock while in Gran Canaria
  • The grandmother was put into a coma due to the life-threatening illnesses 
  • Her family faced a bill of £28,000 to charter medical plane back to the UK
  • They eventually raised £6,000 for a cheaper plane and Jennifer is recovering from her ordeal at home 

A daughter faced paying £28,000 to get her mother back from Spain after she fell ill with pneumonia and septic shock.

Jennifer Wardle, 70, fell ill days for unknown reasons after arriving in Gran Canaria on November 8.

Within three days of arriving, Jennifer was placed on life-support and her daughter Mandy was faced with an eye-watering £28,000 bill to charter a medical plane to get her mother home to Britain safely.

The family eventually borrowed enough money to fund a cheaper £6,000 flight which was not covered on their insurance.  

Jennifer Wardle, 70, fell ill days for unknown reasons after arriving in Gran Canaria on November 8

Jennifer’s family had attempted to crowdfund the money to raise the money but only managed to raise around £900.

Mandy said that trolls also took to the GoFundMe comments to leave nasty comments about their plight. 

Mandy confirmed: ‘She’s still isn’t fully better, but she’s much better than she was over there.

‘She got home on December 18, and stayed in hospital in Gran Canaria until then. 

‘When she arrived home she stayed overnight in James Cook and about a week or two later, she was taken back in again.

‘But now she’s back home and we are really happy.’ 

Mandy added that doctors are no closer to figuring out what caused her mother’s illness. 

She said: ‘Nobody seems to have a clue – she was tested for covid, but was negative.

‘But it was scary not knowing what was going on, especially with the language barrier.

‘But we were so relieved when she came back. The best moment was when we pulled up to James Cook in the ambulance, and my dad was stood outside the ambulance to see her, as he hadn’t seen her for about six weeks.’

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