Family flees ‘bomb site’ Blackpool hotel with ‘pee, s**t and bog roll’ in room

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  • A family walked out of a horror hotel just minutes after checking in, branding the property a “bomb site”.

    The Blackpool Promenade Hotel in Blackpool, Lancashire, has been suspended from travel site after guests reported mounds of rubbish, grubby carpets, filthy urinals and even an abandoned mattress in its corridors and guest rooms.

    Pamela McInally and Mark Fletcher both 33, say they refused to let their four children inside the £68 hotel room, marched back to reception and handed the keys back.

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    Mark says that although he's pleased that the property has been suspended from, he believes he should be refunded for the cost of the alternative accommodation as it took a 'big chunk' of the family's spending money.

    Mark, from Paisley, Scotland, said: "It was horrific. As soon as we walked into reception there were alarm bells.

    "The room directly opposite had the door wide open, it was full of rubbish. There were holes in the wall, the urinals were covered in pee, sh** and toilet roll.

    "We thought 'oh my god'. We just wanted to see the room and see if it was doable, we weren't expecting The Ritz. It looked like a bomb site, it was bad.

    "We went back down to reception and said we weren't taking our kids in there, not a chance."

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    He added: ”I'm glad the hotel been suspended as they shouldn't be operating in those conditions and I'm shocked they're happy to take a family's money and put them up in those conditions.

    "I think should be giving us our money back for needing to find other accommodation for the night as it ruined our first night of our holiday and cost us that just to go to sleep.

    A spokesperson from Blackpool Promenade Hotel, also known as Garvey's Promenade Hotel, insists that the couple did stay the night but after Mark provided email confirmation proving they had to book into an alternative hotel, refunded the £68.

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    Hotel staff also maintained that they hadn’t received any complaints, but mark and Pamela provided an audio recording of themselves on the phone to reception saying they couldn't stay there and complaining about the state of the hotel.

    A spokesperson from Blackpool Promenade Hotel said: "We are aware of the current review circulating around various media outlets regarding a guests stay at our property this weekend.

    "We must start by saying we operate a budget hotel and our hotels facilities do reflect its prices.

    "However the pictures shared online are not a true representation of our hotel. The pictures shared are from rooms which are out of order and they were only left open as the builders were in and out working between the rooms.

    "These rooms we do not let out as they are under renovation due to a major leak which happened recently – this has been repaired and doesn't affect any other rooms than the one pictured, which is not open to anyone except builders.

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    "We have only just started the business," the spokesperson added, "and understand there is a lot of work needed to get the hotel to the high standard we would like.

    "However, at the moment the rooms are done to a budget standard, this doesn't mean we let rooms out like the images shown above.

    "Even though we are a budget hotel, we still keep all our rooms to a high standard of cleanliness and still provide a good quality service for our guest which provides good value for money.

    "The images aren't a true representation of our hotel and we would not allow the rooms in the pictures to be let out to any guest.

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    "The guest stayed at the property and didn't leave as stated in the review. At no time did the guest make a complaint to front desk or contact the hotel phone to do so.

    "If we receive complaints, we follow them up appropriately and always aim to promote a good standard throughout the hotel.

    "We are sorry in this circumstance that this had to escalate to such an extent however we completely disagree that these images and the review are a true reflection of our hotel."


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