Family of 18 all get Covid at Christmas gathering after one had scratchy cough

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A family's holiday gathering turned into a Covid super spreader event after all 18 members tested positive for coronavirus.

The youngest patient is only one-years-old and the oldest is at the age of 62.

Mum Darlene Reynolds said they hosted a big Christmas bash and some extended relatives travelled all the way from Canada during the festive period on December 27, at Milmont Park, Pennsylvania, US.

The 55-year-old told local media WPVI-TV that she woke up with a scratchy throat but no fever the day before the gathering.

She said: "I had no fever because I kept checking it — no fever, no fever, no fever. I said, 'I'll keep a distance since I have a tiny little cough'."

But soon after the dinner, other family members started getting sick.

Darlene recalled: "So we were sick, but we didn't know we had Covid-19. We could've had the flu, but it was scary.

"We got tested and we tested positive. And then my husband tested positive the next day. And then (my daughter) was getting sick and she tested positive and my son tested positive."

Darlene's husband Steve and her son Luke were taken to hospital with the virus.

She was told that Steve will need to receive oxygen when he is allowed back home.

The Reynolds family set up a GoFundMe page to ask people to donate money to help out Steve, who couldn't provide for the family during the time when he is still at the hospital.

It read: "Steve is the small business owner of Mini Movers, a local moving company in the DELCO area.

"During this time income has slowed down tremendously. Unfortunately the bills don’t stop coming in as we all know and the stress and fear of having to pay the mortgage, car payments, everyday life bills is not something that one wants to worry about while trying to regain your health.

"Even when Steve comes out Covid has a major recovery time especially with all that his body has been through.

"I am asking for just a little help for my family. A little help to ease the burden financially. Anything you can give is much appreciated.

"We continue to pray for a full recovery for Steve and for his wife Darlene to have the strength each passing day without her husband at home."

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