Family of missing Airdrie man hire private investigator to help find him

The family of Cameron Collin is growing more desperate with every passing day. The 37-year-old Airdrie man has been missing since Oct. 4 after attending a bachelor party in Billings, Montana.

His family posted a reward and has been flooding social media.

They travelled to Montana themselves to actively search, but it’s turned up no trace of him.

His sister Julia Collins said they have now hired a private investigator in hopes of finding him.

“I feel like I’m walking through a fog looking ahead in the distance and just not seeing it.

“It has been a month now and we have no new information to go on,” Collins said.

“My brother is a big guy and not the type to just disappear and the possibility he wandered off on the property and vanished into thin air is just not possible.”

Cameron Collin

Mike Toth, with Elite Investigations in Billings, Montana, said he’s interviewing witnesses who said they have spotted Collins in the area.

“It is strange. One minute he’s there and within an hour he’s vanished and in a month he hasn’t used his credit card,” Toth said.

“I’m helping the family chasing down any lead, from psychic leads to people calling in saying they’ve seen him.”

Toth said detectives in the sheriff’s office are focusing on searching an area creek, but he isn’t narrowed in on that.

“The sheriff’s office is convinced he’s in the creek and keep going back and searching there but the family doesn’t think that would happen. It’s out of character that he would be out of contact for this long.

“So either he’s being detained against his will or he’s had a major mental breakdown and is not wanting contact,” Toth said.

He is also speaking to long-haul truckers, highway patrol and area hospitals to help get the word out.

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