Feeding rats slap each other away as they jostle over food bowl 

Hey, rat’s MINE! Feeding rodents slap each other away as they jostle for first dibs at the food bowl

  • The clip was uploaded to YouTube channel Lily’s Mice and went viral soon after
  • In the video the pair of rodents slap each other repeatedly as they jostle for food
  • It has since been viewed nearly 300,000 times and commented on by hundreds

This is the adorable moment a pair of rats slap each other as they refuse to share the same bowl of food.

The clip, uploaded to YouTube, went viral after being shared by a page called Lily’s Mice – which tracks the cute tales of a group of pet mice and rats.

In the clip the two furry friends, Maple and Midna, can be seen rushing towards their food bowl to chow down on some baby food and flax seeds.

They then take it in turn to knock seven bells out of one another as they vie for control of the bowl.

In the clip, the tiny rats can be seen rushing towards the same bowl as they scramble to get the food

At first the slapping is somewhat gentle – but the rodents then graduate to a full on brawl before eventually deciding to share the snack.

The pet’s owner Lily wrote in the video’s caption: ‘Maple on the left, Midna on the right. Food: baby food and flax seed meal. Who will conquer the bowl?

‘I have tried giving them each their own bowl… They still get jealous and want to share from the same bowl.’

The clip provoked a huge reaction on social media with hundreds of people commenting on the original YouTube video – which was viewed nearly 300,000 times. 

Emma Woods said: ‘Oooh they are precious!’

While Brandon Cunningham commented: ‘Gah this is way to funny my rats do the same thing.’

Elizabeth Johnson said: ‘You can both eat! Violence is not the answer! lol.’

And Jennifer McNulty said: ‘They’re like siblings fighting over the remote, just hairier.’

The pair end up beating each other to a pulp as they battle over the baby food and flax seed mix

The clip has been viewed over 300,000 times on YouTube as hundreds of people commented on the cute animals

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