First photos of 2 identified Korean War soldiers released

Here are the first photos of the two American soldiers killed during the Korean War whose remains were returned to the U.S. last month.

The two, shown proudly wearing their Army uniforms in these official portraits, died within months of being deployed to Korea in 1950. Their remains were identified on Thursday.

Master Sgt. Charles H. McDaniel of Vernon, Indiana, served as a medic in a battalion overrun by Chinese forces near Unsan, 60 miles north of Pyongyang in October of that year. He was 32.

Army Pfc. William H. Jones of Nash County, North Carolina, was part of the 25th Infantry Division and declared missing on Nov. 26 1950 after his battalion made a fighting withdrawal from the Chinese.

“These heroes are home,” President Trump tweeted on Thursday. “Hopefully their families can have closure.”

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The two are the first to be identified after Pyongyang sent 55 boxes of remains believed to be those of U.S. service members killed in the conflict at Trump’s request.

Sgt. McDaniel’s dog tag was the only one with the remains, which were received at Pearl Harbor on Aug. 1.

The dog tag was presented to his sons, Army Chaplain Col Charles McDaniel Jr, 71, and Larry McDaniel, 70, in a briefing in Arlington, Virginia.

“We will pray that the remains that came to Hawaii on August 1st will simply be a vanguard of what’s to come,” said Vice President Mike Pence.

“We will continue to work diligently to achieve peace and security on the Korean Peninsula. And we will never relent in our effort to bring our missing fallen home.”

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