Flambéed pizza kills two in restaurant blaze that ‘completely trapped’ diners

A flambéed pizza left two diners dead and 12 more injured during a horrific restaurant blaze that left people "completely trapped" inside.

Burro, a restaurant and bar in Madrid, Spain, was said to have been set alight when staff served a flaming pizza to a diner, with the flames engulfing decorations.

Those decorations were the start of a fiery chain of events that left two dead and other restaurant-goers trapped inside, with the spirit-doused pizza erupting into flames.

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Attending fire services noted the restaurant had "just one exit" and that the fire began close to the door, leaving people fleeing to the back of the restaurant.

A statement from Madrid fire department night supervisor Carlos Marin confirmed the restaurant "had just one exit, and since the fire was very close to the door, people went back to the rear of the restaurant, and they were completely trapped."

The Mayor has since commented on the blaze which left two dead and 12 injured, six of which were hospitalised, CNN reported.

Mayor Jose Luis Martinez Almeida said: "It appears the fire started when a flambéed pizza was being served, which set fire to the decorations in the restaurant.

"Firefighters told me it was a ferocious fire in the way it started and the smoke it generated, and if the fire station wasn’t just 100 meters (around 330 feet) away, the number of fatalities could have been higher."

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The fire is believed to have been quickly extinguished by attending emergency services.

Those same emergency services took six people to hospital, with updates on their condition not yet made available.

Two people are confirmed to have died during the fire at the restaurant, located on the Plaza de Manuel Becerra.

Montse Marcos, a supervisor with the Madrid ambulance services, has since confirmed there were two fatalities due to the fire, which was started by the pizza doused in spirits.

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