Flock of 50 sheep appear to be queuing for the bus

Ewe wait all day for a bus…Flock of 50 sheep appear to be queuing to catch ride into town in area where they have right to graze freely

Catching a bus on time can be hard enough without having to queue behind a line of sheep… 

Alan Day, 63, from Gloucestershire, captured an amazing moment where 50 sheep appear to be queuing for the bus in Bream, Lydney. 

An ancient tradition in the area called ‘pannage’ allows farmers the right to release their animals to graze freely.

A lambush! It looks like this group of sheep have ditched the grazing for a night out in town

Retired Alan was on his way to volunteer at Bream Community Library when he spotted the flock last Saturday.

He said: ‘When I got into the village I saw about 50 sheep.

‘In a few minutes they had spread along the grass, so when the bus came, it looked like they were all queueing to board.

‘I just thought it looked funny – like they wanted to take advantage of the capped £2 single fare to Gloucester.’

I herd the bus was running late? Roughly 50 well behaved sheep keep to the pavement during their ‘pannage’

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