‘Fool’ caught pants down on CCTV after trying to kick mirror off police car

Police are looking to trace a man whose trousers came down as he fell off his moped on CCTV after he rode it straight into a parked cop car's wing mirror.

The bloke, who has been dubbed a 'fool' on Twitter, was seen riding down Churchill Drive on Monday, October 24, on a moped as his pal riding on a quad bike.

But he decided to make an attempt at kicking the wing mirror off the police car that was parked by the curb, miscalculated his move and toppled off his bike.

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His friend, who had foolishly been riding on the footpath instead of the road, moved over to the road towards him to make sure he was okay.

The lad seemed fine but limped a bit and had to pull his pants back up after his undies were flashed to the street during the fall.

However, he managed to get back on it and ride away – but the seat had come off, so his pal scrambled to pick it up before making a brisk getaway.

Twitter users found the clip hilarious as they took to the app responding to a post where Wrexham.com called him a 'fool.'

The tweet said: "Do you know this fool? Police would like you to get in touch.

One user replied: "What a pair of tools!"

Another added: "Police Car 1, Idiots 0. Final score."

A third said: "Like watching Laurel and Hardy."

Police have since launched an appeal to track the pair down and find where they're keeping the bikes.

Inspector Luke Hughes of North Wales Police said: “I have managed to obtain footage of our ‘friends’ playing on their toys on Churchill Drive on Monday.

"The incident where one tried to kick the wing mirror off a parked police vehicle, which didn’t go as planned, as per the below footage.

"Do you know them, or do you know where they are keeping the bikes? (Or, what’s left of them?? Let me know via DM/web chat or on 101.”

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