Football ace had £6,500 drug fuelled one night stand with escort at yacht party

An elite football star had a wild £6,500 drug fuelled one-night-stand with an escort he met at a private yacht sex party.

Top model Ksenia has exclusively revealed details of a steamy one-night-stand she had with a European football star she met at a yacht party.

The 24-year-old beauty said she met the star at an exclusive yacht party hosted by Cinderella Escorts.

Ksenia said things escalated between the pair when she climbed into a jacuzzi and performed a sex act on him.

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The elite escort said the pair quickly made their way to the bedroom where they had unprotected sex.

Gorgeous Ksenia told Daily Star Online: "I was wearing a bikini as we were at a yacht party.

"We celebrated and drank champagne in a Jacuzzi and I started giving him a hand j*b.

"He and I then went to a room where we could be alone and we had sex.

"I must confess that I didn't use a condom that day because I found it sexy to sleep with a famous footballer."

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Describing the spontaneous night of passion, Ksenia said she and the ace spent most of the time in the 69 position and was surprised to find he was dominant in bed.

She said: "The whole thing lasted maybe 30 minutes… the men pay mostly for my time… the actual sex is only a fraction… the majority goes to conversation."

Ksenia – who demands a £30,000 monthly budget – said she was disappointed the star didn't contact her the next day.

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She said: "I earned around €7500 euro with him that night through champagne chats and sex.

"I liked that he not only wanted to be pampered but spent time sexually satisfying me.

"He complimented me a lot and claimed we would see each other more often.

"I thought he was a gentleman so of course I didn't like the fact he didn't contact me anymore."

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