Fortnite ‘floss’ dance is banned by school because moves are used to ‘intimidate’ pupils

Barmy Ilfracombe Junior School headmistress Catherine Cox sparked outrage after explaining the tough new rule.

She wrote in a letter to parents: "We want our school to be one in which human beings treat each other with kindness and appreciation.

"Fortnite is for 12 years pluss. Fortnite is about mass killing of other human beings and being awarded by a dance of celebration if you are successful.

"One of these dances is called the Nazi dance."

"Fortnite is affecting children's learning and behaviour…. it is a safeguarding concern and will be logged as such.

"Children in our school have been using these dances to surround and intimidate other children."

One parent blasted: "Bullying is rife in all schools, blaming it on a game/dance/parents is just another poor excuse."

Another added: "I find this absolutely ludicrous that my child now feels this way about a daft dance move."

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