Frat bros busted for booze-fueled hazing with expired guacamole

Two frat bros face charges for allegedly hazing pledges at Texas Christian University, plying them with expired guacamole and copious amounts of alcohol, according to police.

Christopher Barksdale and Andrew Walker, both 19, were arrested Wednesday in connection to a hazing incident earlier this month at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

Police said Barksdale instructed two pledges to come with a handle of vodka to the chapter house on Sept 3. in Fort Worth.

While at the house, the freshman pledges were forced to sort rainbow sprinkles by color. If they didn’t complete the task fast enough, they were required to drink vodka, according to authorities.

Barksdale and Walker then allegedly made the pledges take between 10 and 15 shots of alcohol. The pledges — who were rushing to become formal members of the frat — were then ordered to eat expired guacamole, police said.

Another frat brother later found one of the pledges unconscious in Barksdale’s room and thought he was dead, according to authorities.

The pledge was brought to the hospital, where his blood alcohol level was found to be so high that he could’ve died, the newspaper reported.

The other freshman was accompanied back to his dorm room, where he was left intoxicated, authorities said.

Texas Christian University suspended the fraternity while the college investigates the alleged hazing ritual, KDFW reported.

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