French actress Corinne Masiero stages naked protest at Cesar Awards show to call for more support for arts from government

A French actress has protested naked on stage during an award ceremony as the arts sector in the country calls on the government for more support.

Corinne Masiero appeared at the Cesar Awards – the French equivalent of the Oscars – to announce the winner of the best costume design category.

She first appeared dressed in a bloodied donkey costume, a reference to a French fairytale, before stripping naked.

Her body bore the words “no culture, no future”. Ms Masiero also had the words “rend nous l’art Jean” written on her back.

This translates to “give us back art, Jean”, a message directed at Prime Minister Jean Castex.

Actors, musicians and artists are angry that the French government is unwilling to set a date for the reopening of museums, galleries, concert halls and cinemas.

Marina Fois, a comedian, was hosting the awards ceremony.

Taking aim at the government, she said: “They cooped up our youngsters, closed our cinemas and theatres and banned concerts so that they could open churches, because we’re a secular country, so that old people could go to church.”

Protesters have occupied Paris’s iconic Odeon Theatre for the last eight nights, as they demand cultural venues reopen and get more financial support.

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