Friendly Manitoba: What happened after I was run over by a car on my second day of work

After being run over by an SUV on my second day of work at my new job in Winnipeg, the reaction I’ve received has been nothing short of outstanding. Manitobans really are friendly.

The amount of people that have reached out to me to let me know that not all Winnipeggers are like the driver who who ran a red red light and stuck me was staggering.

While the whole way this happened was, let’s say, unfortunate, it was a unique way for me to experience being welcomed and embraced into the community.

After my story blew up, I received numerous invitations for coffee and drinks but there was one particular question that was asked repeatedly:  What happened to the driver of the vehicle?

Up until late Thursday afternoon I couldn’t provide an answer.

After talking to police I found out the Traffic Unit doesn’t investigate pedestrian collisions where the pedestrian doesn’t spend at least one night in the hospital. The officer I spoke to told me no tickets were given, or charges had been laid against the driver of the vehicle.

I learned he and the person in the passenger seat of the car did stay at the scene until police arrived, but by that time I was already loaded into the back of the ambulance.

The support I received both in person and online person gave me a spot-on example of something I’ve seen on hundreds of license plates since I arrived in the province: “Friendly Manitoba.”

The assortment of items dropped of at my desk by Tourism Winnipeg after hearing about my story.

My bag of goodies included a box of Morden’s chocolates, which everyone in the newsroom highly recommended once I pulled them out of the bag. I also received passes to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, which I immediately noticed which rolling into town.

Following my ordeal, I am even more excited to experience what Winnipeg has to offer, and more so to meet more of the people that I have come across online throughout the last couple days.

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Marek Tkach is a Global Winnipeg reporter who had the unfortunate experience of being run over by an SUV on his second day of work. Follow him on Twitter @marektkach.

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