Fuming dog’s reaction after owner accidentally runs over his bowl goes viral

A pet dog has become an internet sensation after his owner filmed his reaction after running over his bowl by mistake.

In the video liked more than 8.5 million times on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, Tutu the beagle looks frustrated while staring at his owner who just parked his car.

Sunday, the owner who comes from Huzhou city in eastern China's Zhejiang province, realises he has run over the seven-month-old canine's food bowl on the ground.

As he looks around, he finds Tutu's stainless steel bowl squashed into a compressed bale.

The helpless pooch tries to flip the bowl around with his nose but struggles to lift it up.

Tutu then walks up to his owner as if to ask for help but Sunday can be heard giggling.

A short description written in the video said: "Sorry, I did not see your bowl when I parked. I am so sorry."

Viewers praised Tutu's priceless expression while others urged his owner to buy a new bowl.

One said: "He looked so disappointed when he couldn't flip the bowl. Tutu is too cute."

Another wrote: "What do you think Tutu was trying to say at that moment?"

"Go buy him a new one!" a third commented. "That poor dog looks so sad."

Some even suggested capturing Tutu's looks and designed a customised sticker for messaging apps.

Sunday later revealed that he took Tutu to a pet shop the next day and bought him a new bowl.

A separate video showed the excited pooch picking the biggest bowl in the shop.

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