Fuming mum slapped with £27 fine after toddler wets himself in cafe play area

A mum has been left "very upset" after she was handed a fine from the owner of a cafe after her son wet himself in the soft play area of the venue.

Yan and her son, from Brisbane, Australia, attended music classes every Wednesday and had a weekly routine of visiting the cafe for lunch and a play after they had finished.

The upset mum says that her two-year-old son had only ever had a 'couple of accidents' outside of their home since he grew out of wearing daytime nappies earlier in the year, The Mirror reports.

During the most recent visit, Yan reportedly checked whether her son needed to go to the toilet before he ran off to play, but he returned 20 minutes later in tears and embarrassed having wet himself.

The mum reportedly went to the ball pit where her son had told her the accident happened, and used wipes to clean the area while apologising to parents and children who were playing.

Yan claimed that the incident occurred on a plastic mat and that none of the play balls were close by.

She reportedly didn't have a chance to alert staff before they came over and began to spray the area with sanitiser.

The owner allegedly approached Yan and stated: "In this situation, you have to pay a fine".

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Due to the crowded play area, the mother claims to have misheard the cost of the fine, initially thinking the owner had asked for $15 (£7.90).

But when the mum checked the receipt on the way home, she saw she had actually been asked to cough up $50 (£26.40), Kidspot reports.

The mum said: "I was so upset, I thought 'that’s so expensive'. Jayden had one accident before at [the cafe], but it was in the eating area and that was mopped up without anything else happening, so I was very surprised at this."

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Yan immediately phoned the cafe to argue the charge, and says that staff sent her a list of the venue's terms and conditions, but claims there was no mention of 'fines or cleaning fees'.

The owner says the cleaning cost her $130 (£68.60), to which she had asked Yan to cover less than half of.

"This is a public area and I have to take responsibility for the other families who come here," the owner said.

She added that a sign has now been installed that warns customers of receiving a fine for 'contaminations and damages'.

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