Furious neighbour blasts ‘selfish pratt’ motorist who blocked postbox in angry, misspelled note left on car – The Sun

A FURIOUS neighbour branded a motorist a "selfish pratt" for blocking the postbox in an angry note left on the car's window.

The angry note with the unfortunate misspelling of the word 'prat' was left on a car in Reigate, Surrey and the neighbour accused the driver of stopping the Royal Mail from being able to deliver the post.

The raging note said: “Your selfish parking has prevented the Royal Mail from opening the post box, causing everyone’s letters to be delayed by 24 hours you utter pratt [sic].”

But a Royal Mail spokesman said: “This note was not left by a Royal Mail worker the driver was in fact able to collect the mail and scan for it. More than likely this note was from a local resident.”

He added: “There have not been any recorded incidents where we have not been able to collect mail from that area.”

An amused resident spotted the angry note and shared it on social media yesterday.

The angry note has attracted hundreds of comments on Reddit.

One user said: “Why not call in a tow truck instead of a letter?”

The Reigate resident responded: “It doesn’t work like that in England, unless it’s done by the police or local authority, removing a car by private tow truck would be considered theft.

He added: “Sticking strongly worded notes anonymously to vehicles is how we deal with issues like this.”

Another user said: “Why does the mail box even face that way to begin with?”



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Agreeing, another user said: “If parking like that isn't illegal, maybe change the post box.”

While another said: "I think Pratt is a bit unfair. They didn’t look at it and be like “ who cares if the postman can’t open it”

“They are just stupid. But not a Pratt [sic].”

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