Further road closures possible as Kingston remains under flood watch

While a flood watch remains in place along the shoreline of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, some inland roads are being impacted as well.

Abby Dawn Road near Highway 2 in Kingston is now down to one lane as water levels rise. The city, as well as Frontenac County, continues to take proactive measures. Paul Charbonneau, the county’s transportation services manager, says the Howe Island ferry is restricting the number of vehicles it is carrying because of those high water levels.

“It’s reducing the number of cars so that we can safely get in and out of the dock,” Charbonneau explained. “And hopefully it will be another seven to 10 days; the river will crest and we’ll be fine.”

Charbonneau says two large cement blocks are taking up about a half of a car length on each end of the boat and that’s providing the ballast. As for things to come, many people are worried Front Road at the re-constructed bridge will flood.

Anthony Simmons, construction manager for the City of Kingston, says no sandbagging will be done if water should go over the road.

“This structure, this crossing is actually designed in an extreme storm event to allow the water to cross to get to Lake Ontario,” Simmons said. “So if we were to sandbag the road to try to keep the road open, what we would effectively do is back up the water up stream and cause further problems for the residents up stream.”

Simmons says if that means closing down the road, so be it — as it’s all about safety.

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